Soft-Sole Sandal thong in Beige

Soft-Sole Sandal thong in Beige


Unique, comfortable, elegant, these innovative, soft-sole sandals take your body to new dimensions. You never realized how much. you are still gripping up through your feet and into your body in your gorgeous Italian sandals, until you try these…..

“I’m here now haha and have been wearing the sandals for a week they are wonderful, I love the way they feel on my foot! Although the older pair were more flexible and soft, these are nice and sturdy, I feel like they’ll last a long time (: I love all your shoes because it’s as though I’m not wearing shoes which feels amazing and protects my feet when needed! The connection to creation and all the creatures is also good medicine (:” - returning customer

available in beige with soft sole. Or, if you prefer a rubber sole, in dark brown and beige

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