Letting go into the land...


"Our taxi driver told us this, in not so many words: He told us the story of the Four Seasons Hotel project in Punta Mita and how many people had had their land taken away from them so they could build this hotel. "Some of them wanted to sell," he said. "But others didn't. For us, mostly, we know that if we are born on a piece of land, we will also die there. Asi es." This is how it is. So selling their land is not such a small thing, even at the price the Four Seasons paid for it. 

This left me thinking about the Land my family was born to- wondering where it even was...and how many generations it has been since we lost it...

It seems to me that this fundamental connection to place, to a piece of earth that has been known, deeply known, massaged and caressed by a family of people, is what separates traditional people from more modern ones like us. It is this BELONGING, a clear and unquestionable belonging to a piece of Mother Earth, that seems to create a softness, a letting go, an ability to breathe deeply knowing that you will be sheltered and fed and held. Thats what I see in these people that we don't have. They seem so at ease in their bodies, in their worlds and for me, this ease seems to come ith knowing where they belong. I see their lives as a gesture of REVERENCE to the earth they feed from, not and idea of how it could be if......."  By Merrill Page

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