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I LOVE everything about these sweet little boots - the height, the color, the style, the fit, the feel.  Just perfect!  You are the master moccasin maker :)  Thank you so much for fast shipping and exquisite boots :)

With gratitude, 


Paris cobblestones are part of reason why am complete fan of your shoes with soft soles,
Twice a day walk 20min with our dog (a maltese) and choose every cobblestones possible for massage.

Am actually Doctor and inventor of RespiFacile® so believe i don't make compliments in the air, you are a genius.

Had pain in ankles by my 3rd degree flat feet, since am all day with your shoes or Gaucho tabis (here on Etsy too, he's spanish and fantastic creator), no more ankle inflammation.
Needed almost surgery. Now am fine ;-)

Frankly yes there is something magic in your mocassins,
can't explain but they really deserve "therapeutic" adjective.

These are not only simple and beautiful, my feet love them. I want to dance around when I wear these moccasins! Every movement feels somehow more sacred and purposeful. Snugly, soft, and earthy. I love them! Thank you. :)


Here is my foot tracing that you used to make my boots this spring :) to be used on the ankle boots that I couldn't help but order. Your shoes are... addictive! I don't want to wear my other shoes anymore!

-Lindsay Harrington

I'm in love with these shoes!!! I'm never taking them off! I only want to live in your shoes now!!! Thank you so much for taking the time and rushing them out. We leave for Tulum tomorrow morning and I plan on living in these! ❤️🙏🏻❤️

-Rebekah Glad, Cherokee

I'm just emailing to tell you I love everything about my moccasins you made: the way they look, they way they feel (they hug my feet and can spread my toes in them!!), that they look great dressed up or down. Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship.
Wishing you the best,
-Shawna Bebo

OMG Merrill,
I cannot express to you enough how absolutely elated I am with y moccasins. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
Thank you for working with me to correct my order.
Looking forward to my next pair 😉
I follow you on IG, do you have a FB account?


I just received my moccasins today. I wanted to thank you. They are perfect!! Perfect. Perfect. I don't know that I knew what to expect. But when I put them on, I didn't want to take them off. They are so soft and fit exquisitely, and allow me to move with no hindrance at all - they form to my every movement. As I wore them, I couldn't shake the feeling that I've never had anything this beautiful. It may sound over the top, but somehow it is true; when I wear them, I feel loved and cared for. I just couldn't wait to tell you...Thank You!!!


Wow, words almost fail me.

These are awesome moccasins they fit me like a glove and are made from really supple and comfortable.
They have rocketed straight to the top of my favourite moccasins list.
Also, there is a relatively short wait to put them on and they came with fast and secure postage.
What can I say except that I like them enough to have bought a couple more pairs.


Absolutely beautiful! Words cannot do these shoes justice.
Incredibly well-made.
Super high-quality.
Fits like a dream.
The price reflects the care and craftsmanship.
This is my second pair, and I'll without a doubt be buying again!
Thank you so much!


These are perfection. This company—the owner, the product, the vision—has made me truly beautiful barefoot shoes. I ordered them in white (a color not offered with this style) and included my measurements. I have big feet (women’s size 11-11.5 wide); she was so willing when I requested a men’s 10M to accommodate them. They fit perfect. I will be wearing these to the office. Yes, my business casual office. That’s how stunning and perfect these are. I mean, just LOOK at that picture I included with my review. How cute are those??!!!