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Like our customers, we are extremely committed to making a positive impact on this planet. In addition to taking the utmost care with our production process (i.e.) enviromentaly sound practices and high efficiency/no waste), this year, with the help of a family foundation,  we were able to donate $6,500 to support the "Water Protectors" at the Dakota Access Pipeline. 



Some like scientific research based on populations of modern people living in contexts familiar to them. I prefer to delve deeply into worlds apart, where people live, and have been living, in certain ways for centuries. These are ways that reveal to me where landscapes are fertile, and health thrives.

So I spent most of the fall living with my four children on a "finca", or property, outside of Chinandega Nicaragua. It's a poor place by many standards. People literally live hand to mouth. Work as we know it, is hard to come by. And some days even in-tact and functioning families find themselves without basics such as food and water. What they do have, however, abounds: Life, and deeply interwoven connection between all living creatures. The lack of order and organization lends to a wildness and fertility that often we call "third world". It's an untamed landscape where one must rely on their senses and own physical capacities to "make it". In a word, what they have, is HEART. 

The sun set every night at 5:30, and after a simple dinner we'd climb into bed. Sometimes we found ants in our beds, or beetles. Or scorpions on the wall. Or woke up to a snake just outside the door. Or a sign of a mouse in the kitchen.  And just off the porch one day, beneath our lime tree, a dragon fly pulling on something in the ground caught my eye. I went closer and closer until I could discern what it was: A TARANTULA!!! Ai Dios!! Maybe I should put my shoes on now. This feels like too much.

And then I would see Juana. Walking in her majestic way. Barefoot again. At all hours of the day.  Slow and steady and sure. This mother of three (ages 17 mos., 5 years and 9 years) lives here. Every day. Somedays picking extra long mosquitos out of the crotch of a banana tree and gathering them in her hand. "These carry an awful infection that can make the children sick," she told me. Or looking up at a papaya tree and pointing to the worm eating a papaya. "That's what's ruining the fruit," she tells her 9 year old. And he gets a stick to get it down and study/play with the gusano! Or, from my point of view, make it go away. 

Everyday she walked barefoot through the property, watching, listening. One day she said to me "the rain is coming now." How does she know, I wondered. Some days it just clouds with no rain. "Listen," she says. "You can hear it coming our way." It was like a drumbeat that I could only hear when she showed me how. And that's how it is with native ways. Someone, someone slow and connected enough, someone who knows there is gold inside of their ability to walk in peace, barefoot and at home in their nakedness, has to show us. Has to teach us to listen and hear and feel for ourselves what we really seek to know. 

This is my service work this year. Being there on those grounds, converting a parcel 40 feet x 20 feet into a protected, walled space with 14 double-dug beds for organic seeds we donated, so that all who are there may eat. Every day. 






Dear Merrill, 

If I could bow and dance and sing at your feet I would, that's how these shoes make me feel. 

Thank you times a million! My body, mind and spirit feel so lovely and delighted in these durable yet delicate shoes, and they really help me stay connected to the earth!

I remember a long time ago, I read that the Guatemalan grandmothers were shocked at having to adapt to wearing shoes, for them it was like walking around blindly. About five years ago, I retrained myself to walk barefoot, but as I am mostly in urban settings these days, I have fewer opportunities to love my feet in this way. But now I have these amazing Puma flats! 

I am so deeply inspired by your work. 

All my best, Biz Giancola


I LOVE everything about these sweet little boots - the height, the color, the style, the fit, the feel.  Just perfect!  You are the master moccasin maker :)  Thank you so much for fast shipping and exquisite boots :)

With gratitude, 


"Yes please the "soft Jaguar" in 12 is for me.

Paris cobblestones are part of reason why am complete fan of your shoes with soft soles,
Twice a day walk 20min with our dog (a maltese) and choose every cobblestones possible for massage.

Am actually Doctor and inventor of RespiFacile® so believe i don't make compliments in the air, you are a genius.

Had pain in ankles by my 3rd degree flat feet, since am all day with your shoes or Gaucho tabis (here on Etsy too, he's spanish and fantastic creator), no more ankle inflammation.
Needed almost surgery. Now am fine ;-)

Frankly yes there is something magic in your mocassins,
can't explain but they really deserve "therapeutic" adjective.

So you're my Benefactor.
Many thanks ;-)" - Alexandre Yazdi, Paris France

Here is my foot tracing that you used to make my boots this spring :) to be used on the ankle boots that I couldn't help but order. Your shoes are... addictive! I don't want to wear my other shoes anymore!

-Lindsay Harrington

The shoes you made for me arrived and they are so gorgeous and it feels like an act of self love and sacred care to adorn my feet with such prayerful creations. Thank you

-Lydia Wild

I'm in love with these shoes!!! I'm never taking them off! I only want to live in your shoes now!!! Thank you so much for taking the time and rushing them out. We leave for Tulum tomorrow morning and I plan on living in these! ❤️🙏🏻❤️

-Rebekah Glad, Cherokee

I'm just emailing to tell you I love everything about my moccasins you made:  the way they look, they way they feel (they hug my feet and can spread my toes in them!!), that they look great dressed up or down. Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship.
Wishing you the best,
-Shawna Bebo

OMG Merrill,
I cannot express to you enough how absolutely elated I am with y moccasins. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
Thank you for working with me to correct my order.
Looking forward to my next pair 😉
I follow you on IG, do you have a FB account?


Hi Merrill, I knew I would t be able to resist coming back for more! Your shoes are awesome and the two pairs I already own fit perfectly! Foot tracings attached.


I just received my moccasins today. I wanted to thank you. They are perfect!! Perfect. Perfect. I don't know that I knew what to expect. But when I put them on, I didn't want to take them off. They are so soft and fit exquisitely, and allow me to move with no hindrance at all - they form to my every movement. As I wore them, I couldn't shake the feeling that I've never had anything this beautiful. It may sound over the top, but somehow it is true; when I wear them, I feel loved and cared for. I just couldn't wait to tell you...Thank You!!!

"I love my shoes soooooo much!! I get so many compliments !! Thank you so much. "

-Lee McClellan

"I LOVE the shoes so so so much I can just literally feel the love you put into them, The lynx are great I've been running and living in them, however my mom and sister ended up keeping the other two pairs as they fit them a bit better. Made for a perfect early holiday gift and I am going to order them again for myself, and also some little kid ones for my niece. I tell everyone how amazing and authentic they are. Thanks for everything!"


"I got my moccasins today and I am in love!! these could not be more perfect! you do an amazing job!! I will definitely buy more and won't be a pain!! I appreciate you so much! thank you for being patient with me and going above and beyond!"

-Courtney Brianne

"Merrill, Thank you sooooooo much for stitching my moccs! Thank you too for the thicker laces, the stone, and keepsakes! I truly love and appreciate your craft, your service, your attention to detail, and everything!!! You rock!!  Warmest regards possible." 

-Annette 👧

"The Wedding mocs arrived last night and they are wonderful. They fit like a glove! You are certainly talented! Thank you for all your care and time. Can't wait to wear them."


"Hi Merrill, Just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your moccasins! Both of them are easily my favorite shoes and since I've been wearing them at work I haven't had any back pain like I used to. Thank you again!"


"Hi, there! I ordered a {different} pair a couple of weeks ago and received them ... and just LOVE them! So much so that I want another kind! Please let me know if you need me to resend a trace of my feet. And I'd like to get the rubber soles added on. Thanks and can't wait!! :)"


"Just received the moccasins in this afternoons mail. I love them, they are truly perfect! So soft to the touch and an excellent fit, like walking barefoot because you can't feel them there! So wonderfully comfortable! I'm so very satisfied. I am more then satisfied :)) Must find a high shelf to put them, my bulldog has a very keen interest in them, lol. He had me cornered in the living room trying to get my feet, hahaha. Again, I am just so impressed, thanks so much and I'm glad I found you! Beautiful Work!"


"Thank you so much, they are beautiful! Fit like a glove too. Definitely great dancing shoes, so I am going to have fun using them for my hoop dance."

- A Happy Customer

"They are absolutely beautiful! They fit me perfectly and I don't think I've ever worn anything so soft on my feet in my life. I love them! I will most definitely be buying another pair from you in the near future. Thank you so much! You work is just beautiful :)"

- Another Happy Customer