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The word moccasin-

Before the word moccasin was assigned to the footwear worn by indigenous tribes, each moccasin style was named with the word of the tribe itself, or so I have read. So their word for their shoes was the embodiment of the tribe. Their beliefs, their ways, their languages and the very land they lived on was all connected to the shape, the materials, the very way they made their shoes. The sole of the shoe and how it was made reflected how each tribe walked on the land. How it related to the ground beneath them. And in every case, this relationship, of the people to the land that they lived on, was profound.


Authentic Handmade Moccasins

Delivery:  PLEASE Allow  up to 4 weeks for your shoes to arrive. And note that the rubber sole can add to wait. 

Production: We make each shoe by hand, tracing, cutting, stitching, beading and, if requested, putting rubber soles on your shoes. The quote on our main page speaks to the energy we put into everything we do.

Size: We run VERY TRUE to size. You are welcome to simply leave a size, and or follow instructions below for wide sizes or uncertainty.

Return Policy: We absolutely want you to be thrilled with your shoes. So please, be sure to send us correct size, and if possible, measurements of the length of your foot in inches. ALSO, notice that we do offer a wide or standard width option at ball of foot. In the case that your shoes do not fit, you can return them, unworn, within two weeks, for a refund (-15% materials fee). We can not accept returns on special orders. We do not refund shipping.

Cleaning: These shoes are best cleaned with a damp towel/cloth. Rub briskly against suede to remove dirt and spots. Suede cleaners are available at your local cobbler, should you want a shampoo-like wash. Most of them offer instructions for cleaning suede on the back.

We thank you for your business, and for trusting us with your feet, and in turn, giving us a hand in how you walk through your life. We feel honored.




Sizing: Our shoes are made to fit snug.  If you like a looser fit, please order a 1/2 size up. To find your correct size, please trace your foot. Be sure to stand straight up on paper, not leaning forward or backward. And, if possible, ask someone else to trace for you.  Place pencil straight up and down to avoid adding size. This is very important. Measure length and widths at ball and heel. Then, SEE OUR SIZE CHART BELOW. We offer both a STANDARD size and a WIDE

BABY SIZING: XSM (0-3 mos), SM (3-6 mos), M (6-12 mos), LG (12-18 mos).

CHILD SIZING: Please trace foot and send us length and widths at ball and heel. Also, include shoe size.

ADULT SIZING:  Please trace your foot and check against measurements below. Our shoes fit very true to sizes, but company sizes vary so much. SO PLEASE, take care here. We like to get it right the first time.


Colors & Materials

Colors:  See Charts below for the various shoe types and materials.


1.2 mm EXTRA THIN -available in natural, chocolate and black

1.2 mm EXTRA THIN -available in natural, chocolate and black

1/16" THIN- available in black, chocolate and natural

1/16" THIN- available in black, chocolate and natural