Merrill is a mother, a healer, a writer and a seeker with a Literature degree from Stanford University; and a number of graduate degrees in complementary and alternative medicine. She has studied all over the world and finally come home to herself as an artist. Her desire is to resuscitate old forms and breathe new life into them. She is inspired by cultures and systems that weave, so effortlessly, healing and spirituality, keeping Earth,"God", and the human experience as One.

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All materials are sourced with the utmost respect to the places from which they come. Hides are recycled or come from animals where the all parts are used. Any aberrations in the leather are part of our efforts to waste nothing, and maintain a natural “look”. They should not be perceived as defects. Smaller pieces are donated to schools for sewing classes and making hacky sacks. Bracelets, necklaces and jewelry are made from other scraps.