"Every shoe, boot and creation is born of my love for the earth, for indigenous cultures, and for the old ways. The shoes are built to bring you into relationship with the earth beneath you, and into relationship to your own earth, your body, which you’ll feel in entirely new ways in these soft soled shoes. Notice your body aches and pains melt away, literally, once you get your feet on the ground. It's the relationship between the earth and your nervous system that restores health in all body systems. 

And, feel good that you're supporting local makers who literally use their own hands to build your shoes.  We make our shoes to order, at home, with local materials, and with the interest of 7 generations at heart. Which means: less carbon footprint, less waste, less factory pollution. & More connection to all the things that truly sustain our lives."

All of our materials are locally sourced here in Napa County from a hide house that provides the highest quality deer, elk and bison hides from animals that are humanely raised and slaughtered. All parts are used post-mortem. And our scraps are donated here to local schools for leather crafts.

In order to minimize waste and keep our cost manageable, we use as much of the hide as possible. Sometimes there are imperfections in our shoes. We consider it part of the magic and charm of having a handmade, earth-adoring shoe, and hope you will too!!

- Merrill Page, founder